About Us

LAFE’S BUILDING & PROPERTIES LIMITED is a registered indigenous firm, incorporated in Nigeria (RC: 957732)

We specialize in  Constructions & designs, Engineering, procurement  and commission of civil, mechanical, Electrical, project management and Environmental waste engineering and management.

Ours is a highly reliable and quality management and contracting firm providing services in the Building & Road Constructions, Power, Oil & Gas sector in Nigeria.


To combine the best features of professionalism and competence in the building and construction industry and to remain the reference point for all in the industry.

To be a good steward of the responsibilities entrusted to us by our clients. To achieve this, we practice the golden rule, treat every client with dignity, courtesy and respect. We will undertake project to achieve the best quality and functionality in the shortest possible time.


Becoming a force to reckoned with in the improvement of the socio-economic growth of Nigeria by developing the physical landscape through solid, eye-catching and tastefully finished structures.

Company Profile: LAFE’S Building & Properties LTD is a distinctive, all-encompassing civil engineering and construction company with indigenous & international expertise spanning over four years in Nigeria.

The company was incorporated in the year 2011. Since that time, LAFE’S  has been involved in the infrastructural development of the country’s landscape with the unmatchable experience and competence of very sound professionally qualified expatiates and Nigerian staff.

LAFE’S professionals are very meticulous in the accurate interpretation of Architectural designs and also pay strict attention to details, these coupled with our prompt completion in delivery of project has earned us a good name in the industry.

We have involved the three Ds of true management i:e,

DECISION: DETERMINATION: DISCIPLINE these have consistently given us an edge over our contemporaries.

We always have a strong determination to stick to our decision on defined time and targets through a discipline approach to our duties. This is our strong point and it has placed us on a high pedestal in the industry these pasts decades.


  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Diligence
  • Resilience


The top management of Lafe’s building & properties ltd is made up of highly qualified expatriate and Nigeria professionals.

Each department is headed and staffed by the best minds in their fields. They all have varied experiences both locally and abroad.

Our top management staff have been the toast in the industry such that many of them are consulted by other companies when they run into troubled waters of construction intricacies.